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St Lucia offers some of the best packages include a delightful blend of activities, amenities and facilities on this island paradise.

If swimming in a tropical ocean, swimming in a pool, hiking, biking, dining, family moments or just relaxing at one of our Golf & Spa location then a Vacation in St Lucia is for you.


How to Book a Vacation Rental Home

While there's an increasing abundance of options when it comes to booking a holiday home, many travelers find the market to be somewhat chaotic - at least from a comparison perspective.

Vacation rentals as an alternative to pricier hotels' popularity have led to a wealth of choices that could be overwhelming for even the most experience traveler. Here is outline of what I think is some of the best tips on how to book a Vacation Rental home

Tips #3
Renting with your credit card via a vacation rental management company supplies you with that protection. If for some reason the property does not meet your expectations, and the management won't do anything to repair it, you may keep a record of the problem and dispute the charge.

Property owners who rent insist on a cashier's check for 50 percent of the holiday rental to reserve it, and then the other 50 percent in cash upon your arrival. If you later discover roaches scuttling through the kitchen of your vacation home or other elements of the house that were grossly misrepresented, you will have no leverage because you'll have already paid in full in cash.

Dollar for dollar gives you so much. You get a lot of conveniences from private pools to end kitchens to flight entertainment systems. Contrary to a hotel room off a crowded corridor, you get a home to call your own.

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